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Type of a house:
With living area in the attic

Usable area:
Up to 120m2
Over 180m2

Energy-saving house


Ajaccio II





191 040 £

Basic Ajaccio II Technologia wykonania Ajaccio II Kosztorys domu Ajaccio II Zdjęcia wnętrza Ajaccio II Komentarze do projektu Ajaccio II

Technology Ajaccio II - DCB73a

Ajaccio II - pict 1 Ajaccio II - pict 2

energy-saving house.

Outer walls:

A two-layered wall of cellular concrete Ytong (Xella) or calcium-silicate brick Silka (Xella) 44 cm thick (24 cm mortared wall + 20 cm foamed polystyrene Termoorganika with a thermal conductivity factor λ of 0,033 W/m2K) with a U factor of 0,12 - 0,14 W/m2K

Foundation walls:
Outer and inner load-bearing walls erected on reinforced-concrete slab, isolated from foundation walls of concrete blocks with a layer of plinth hollow bricks of isolating effect Isomur by Jordahl&Pfeifer.

Inner walls:

load-bearing walls as previously mentioned, depending on technology used in outer walls
framework partition walls covered with plasterboards

Of wood with suspended ceiling made of plasterboards.

Roof construction:
Pre-fabricated truss of solid wood connected with metal connector plates by MITEK


silicone or acrylic plasters,underpinnings finished with e.g. clinker tiles,gables and insertions made of wood or plastered.

space and water heating system: gas installation with a condensing boiler Vitodens 200 (Viessmann)

Purmo central heating systems

forced ventilation system with recuperation using solutions from Rekuperatory enterprise

optionally ground-coupled heat exchanger Awadukt thermo by REHAU

forced ventilation system

floor heating in bathrooms - electric underfloor heating mat

Thermal insulation:

walls insulation of foamed polystyrene Platinum Plus Termo Organika 20 cm thick
floor insulation on the ground made of foamed polystyrene Podloga Gold Plus Termo Organika 20 cm thick
roof insulation of foamed polystyrene Superpoddasze Platinum Plus 20 cm thick and foamed polystyrene Platinum 10 cm thick and, optionally as an additional layer of insulation, foamed polystyrene elements of thermodom system used for tiles roofing
windows and doors insulation - triple layered perimeter sealing

Schiedel technology .

Windows and doors:

PVC windows by REHAU - Brillant Design with a U value of 1,0 or 0,6 W/m²K for panes and a U value of 1,2 W/m²K for frames, solar factor of 50% max or
PVC windows by Oknoplast - Winergetic Premium
roof windows by Fakro - FTT Thermo with a U value of 0,5 W/m²K for panes and 0,9 W/m²K for frames, solar factor of 50%max
Outer doors by Hörmann with total U value of 1,3 W/m²K.
Garage door by Hörmann with total U factor of 1,3 W/m²K.

This plan contains project of recuperation system!

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