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Tokyo II





167 790 £

Karta projektu Tokio II Technologia wykonania Tokio II Kosztorys domu Tokio II Zdjęcia wnętrza Tokio II Komentarze do projektu Tokio II

Commentary - Tokyo II - DCP190a

Tokio II - zdjęcie 1 Tokio II - zdjęcie 2


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we just wanted to let you know it was worth the trip for us from the Farmington area-thank you for your holittasipy. felt refreshed the next day! thank you so much-The Golbe\'s


Mridula - Yes, it does ..Sunday morning mass Indrani - Its quite old and betfuiulWendy - Its a beautiful moment..i like the sound of bells tooSekar - Sometimes the most beautiful monument is just down the road :)Alok, Harekrishnaji, Matt, Ceedy - Thanks . Glad you liked themGrumpy - I dont know the exact year, but will find out for sure..Bindu - yes, like I told sekhar, the most beautiful monument may be just down the roadPNS - No, its very much there..I meant that I didnt appreciate the beauty of the monument inspite of living down the roadAjeya - yes, these old churches are rich in architectureHW - :) yes, I realized that as I went on the photowalk Sarah - Im glad you like my images of india :)Yuva - I know the feeling..so true..will check yr picsPhilip - Thanks for the comment.glad you like my country the way I portray itJeevan - Its in Egmore on Poonamallee High road near dasaprakash signal..do go there if possibleSujata - used to, my parents live there now :)Prabha - we take it for granted na ..

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