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Tokyo III


DCP190b MC



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Commentary - Tokyo III - DCP190b MC

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ဘ ဖ ...ဟ တ က ဝမ သ ပ တယ ဗ ... က ည မ င ...Fine city လ ႔ ခၚတ က န လည ၾက ဖ တယ ဗ တ င ပည ရ ႕ image က င င သ တစ ဥ ခ င ရ ႕ လ တ လပ ခ င န ႔ လ လ က ရတ သ ဘ လ ႔ ဆ ရမလ မသ ဘ န ... ည မအ န ဂ ယ လ လ င ...ည မလည အလည သ ခ င သ ပပ လ ... )ည မblackroze ... မန မ ပည လည အခ စက ပ က အမ လ က မယ ဆ လ ပ နၾကတယ မဟ တ လ ည မရ ႕... )မအ မ သ ...စက ပ မ တ မအ မ သ မၾက ခဏ တင တတ တ ဓ တ ပ လ တ ထ ကလ မန မ ပည က လက န ႔ ဆင တ ႐ ခင မ တ သ ပ တ ႔ရမယ မထင ဘ န )က ည ရ ...လ ႀက မယ ဆ တ အဆင သင လ က တ ဗ .. မဒ ကန တစ ယ က န ႔ က ည ရ ႕ တစ ယ က တ ရၿပ .. )က မ င သန ႔ ...အ င ဖ န ဆ လ ႔ စက ပ က လ ၁၀၀ မ ဖ န ၁၄၁ လ ႐ တ တ င ပည ဆ လ .. ဖတ လ က ရပ သ တယ စက ပ က ပ တ ဥပမ တ ႀက က သ ၿပ ဗ ႕.. )Gyidaw ...Aw.. you are also a S\'pore-longing-for person like me. :) From here, we find many initteserng air tickets discount quite often. So why not soon? :)မ႐ င လ ...အ က တယ ဗ ႕.. ဓ တ ပ တ ႐ က လ ခ ဗ .. န ) http://yiofdzukc.com [url=http://dwenvbtvhhn.com]dwenvbtvhhn[/url] [link=http://wtyxfinyf.com]wtyxfinyf[/link]


on Wednesday its unemployment rate last year fell to a prooisivnal 3.2 per cent, the lowest since 2001, although the figure was flattered by a recent change in how the data was measured.The improving job data and a new government survey saying manufacturers were optimistic about the outlook for the first half of 2006 is expected to increase chances of the government calling a general election soon.In the fourth quarter, the unemployment rate fell to a seasonally adjusted 2.5 per cent due to a stronger economy and increased hiring in the services sector.However, the jobless rate among Singapore citizens and permanent residents remained higher at 3.3 per cent in the fourth quarter after peaking at 4.5 per cent in June.The government decided last year to revise the measurement of unemployment to include foreign workers who have temporary work permits, including construction workers living on site and those who commute to Singapore from Malaysia.\"The revision has the effect of reducing the overall unemployment rate as...(the) total labour force is now larger, taking into account full coverage of the foreign workforce,\" said the ministry of manpower, which compiles the statistics.Unemployment rates for foreign workers are lower since they normally lose their work permits and can no longer stay in Singapore if they become jobless.The ministry said the revision was needed to establish a common methodology for government statistical surveys.The jobless rate is closely watched when there is a growing debate about a widening gap between rich and poor, with elderly unskilled workers having a tougher time finding new jobs as Singapore moves towards higher-valued manufacturing.The government also recently revised upward last year\'s economic growth rate to 6 per cent from 5.7 per cent after it recalculated data, as it does every five years.Singapore\'s jobless rate before the 1997-98 Asian crisis was around 2 per cent, but climbed to a peak of 5.2 per cent in 2003 for residents before declining again.A recent recovery in manufacturing and stronger growth have cut the jobless rate in the last two years. The economy is expected to expand by at least 5 per cent this year, according to private economists.The number of new jobs increased to 110,000 last year, the strongest increase in nearly five years, due to a growing services sector and a recovery in construction.The government wants to add service jobs by opening two casino resorts to balance an overall decline in manufacturing jobs.Singapore\'s manufacturing sector employs about 18 per cent of the 2.1m workforce, down from a third in 1995, and more retrenchments are expected as companies shift production to China and Malaysia.Employment in the electronics sector, Singapore\'s biggest manufacturing industry, is expected to increase slightly this year due to increased global demand, the government said in its latest survey on business confidence among manufacturers.


86-1. PM/MM suckers S\'pore with good cop, bad cop rntiuoeI\'ve been analysing the elections with two friends - one is an experienced political consultant and the other a psychiatry expert witness. I\'ve been in a daze in the last few hours about what just happened but these two helped make sense of it all.As you well know, with 24 hours to go to Polling Day....the ground sentiment seemed to have swung in PAP\'s favour.Basically, it appears that the Singapore electorate has fallen for one of the oldest tricks on the political book, albeit one immaculately executed - The Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine! This is commonly used in US foreign policy and domestic politics...the best example of this would be the Bush-Cheney act in the 2004 presidential elections. Cheney played Bad Cop to devastating effect, taking out Kerry and cleared the way for Bush to win in the starring role of Good Cop.We have just witnessed the Singapore version in the last 3 days.First, you have Bad Cop LKY come out blundering with threats, blackmail and his usual bully-boy ways. Now, this scares an estimated 15-20% of the swing voters into going back into the arms of the PAP but it also alienates an approximately equal or slightly smaller percentage of voters against the PAP. So zero-minimal net loss for oppositionThe second step is Good Cop LSL coming out and saying sorry. This brings back the LKY-alienated voters while keeping the fearful voters in the PAP fold. The result is a huge net gain in the swing votes. What aids the Lees is that the electorate does not know which cop is more powerful - is it the Bad Cop or the Good Cop? You are confused, you are uncertain, and in that uncertainty is when you are most susceptible.Hours later, it is polling day. You cast your vote. What has happened, the Good Cop Bad Cop rntiuoe, is still in your subconscious. Most people who fall for it will never know they\'ve been suckered. A few will slowly realise it.The electorate wakes up on Sunday, and everyone is amazed that the PAP has won 86-1.Impossible they think, the ground was so bitter! How did the PAP perform a near clean sweep.Welcome....the will of the Singapore people has just been thwarted by the Good Cop, Bad Cop rntiuoe.If you don\'t want this to happen, please educate your fellow voters about this! http://ccdhrfxsse.com [url=http://vjppfiopvmp.com]vjppfiopvmp[/url] [link=http://rkpwqnlumb.com]rkpwqnlumb[/link]


Kale mou Ellina evtyxos ypxouran akomi Ellines san esena.Se parakalo synexise mipos kai katalaboume kapote kati, elpizo prin einai arga.


Of course PAP knew how bad tgihns were going to get. But USA is very hungry and desperate for cash now. What easier way to get quick money than to force the PAP kleptocrats to invest in these troubled banks?It would be very easy because the PAP kleptocracy have too many skeletons in the closet and are most fearful of regime change, something the US is very good at.

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