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Type of a house:
With living area in the attic

Usable area:
Up to 120m2
Over 180m2

Energy-saving house







267 290 £

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Authors: dr inż. arch. Ludwika Juchniewicz-Lipińska, mgr inż. arch. Agata Dominiak


Plan properties

Usable area:
+ Garage:

218.73 m2
38.29 m2


294.76 m2

Gross internal area:

203.76 m2

Minimum plot width:

23.90 m

Gross internal area:

25.10 m


1309.74 m3

Roof height:

9.01 m

Roof pitch:

40 °

Energy consumption:
kWh / (m2leto)

Ep = 53.44
Ek = 48.58
Ea = 16.69


A representative, modern house of fascinating, eye-catching shape. It was designed with an eye to people who wish to create their family home in beautiful interior and convenient functional scheme. A spacious drawing room with a mezzanine and vast glazing constitute a heart of the house. A fireplace is situated under stairs which allows gaining more space and adding unusual character to the house thanks to its decorative effect. A glazed wall offers a view on the drawing room from a study upstairs. There is also a separate dining room next to the drawing room. A kitchen is big enough to hold an island, in addition a pantry makes it more functional. Space of the drawing room is further enlarged with a beautiful roofed terrace which can be entered through sliding door. The ground floor also contains a separate bedroom with its own dressing room and a bathroom that leads into a private terrace. Attic, apart from a study, encloses two big bedrooms, each with a separate dressing room. A large bathrom encourages interesting arrangements, such as a bathtub placed in the centre of it. Moreover, there is a room in the attic that can serve as a laundry or a linen chest. It has a chute leading to a room in front of a boiler room useful in case of placing a laundry on the ground floor. Unquestionable advantage of this house is its energy-efficience which ensures warmth and allows enjoying vast glazing without necessity of additional heating. In this case wide glazing helps to accomplish energy-saving affect. Heating system is almost unattended and brings considerable savings at the same time.




Total area:158.16 m2
1.1Entrance enclosure3.67 m2 1.15Platform3.63 m2
1.2Communication16.05 m2 1.16Platform1.40 m2
1.3Wc1.67 m2 1.17Terrace53.98 m2
1.4Storage2.62 m2
1.5Laundry, central heating7.96 m2
1.6Dressing room3.57 m2
1.7Bathroom4.81 m2
1.8Room14.74 m2
1.9Living room34.38 m2
1.10Dining room15.47 m2
1.11Kitchen10.46 m2
1.12Pantry2.35 m2
1.13Dressing room2.12 m2
1.14Garage38.29 m2



Total area:98.86 m2
2.1Hall12.58 m2
2.2Room17.45 m2
2.3Dressing room2.99 m2
2.4Room15.96 m2
2.5Bathroom11.21 m2
2.6Dressing room5.48 m2
2.7Room21.28 m2
2.8Dressing room6.74 m2
2.9Stairs5.17 m2


Plot Avalon


Intersection - Avalon


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Elevations - Avalon Elevations - Avalon

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