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With living area in the attic

Usable area:
Up to 120m2
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Authors: dr inż. arch. Ludwika Juchniewicz-Lipińska, dr inż. arch. Miłosz Lipiński


Plan properties

Usable area:
+ Boiler room:
+ Garage:

141.96 m2
4.48 m2
17.61 m2


182.85 m2

Gross internal area:

145.29 m2

Minimum plot width:

22.10 m

Gross internal area:

19.60 m


815.77 m3

Roof height:

7.47 m

Roof pitch:

35 °

Energy consumption:
kWh / (m2leto)

Ep = 64.38
Ek = 61.63
Ea = 35.2


Atlanta is a beautiful energy-efficient house designed at a request of investors who admire Sofia II house plan and want to utilize its attic. We did care about possibility of building this house stage by stage ヨ first the ground floor, then the attic. In consequence, room arrangement allows living comfortably from the very beginning. A large bedroom that will house capacious wardrobes contains its own exit to a terrace. There is enough space for a dressing table or a chest of drawers. Another room is smaller, but big enough to shelter a bed, a desk and bookshelves. It can also serve as a study or a guest room in case of their visit. It was important for us to make a bathroom on the ground floor as big as to hold a bathtub (or a shower) and a washing machine. In Atlanta, a kitchen acquired a pantry, and in a passageway, under the stairs, there is space for storage or entrance to a basement, if an investor wishes to build one. A drawing room is spacious and will house a large dining table. Suggesed arrangement of sofas allow watching tv and getting warm by a fireplace simultaneously. Windowsill in a bay are placed on height of 50 cm which gives a view on the garden for those who sit on sofas. The attic is accessed through stairs situated in the entrance enclosure.Thanks to that the attic can be meant for children or even for rent. Upper level houses two comfortable bedrooms. The plan provides usage knee walls of plasterboards, 1,2 m high ヨ however they could be 90 cm high as well. Each bedroom have identical dressing rooms. There is also a storage accessible from the corridor that can serve as a linen cupboard or space for ironing. It is possible to make a passage from a bedroom to a little loft over a garage. There is little space, however every additional meter is helpful, especially if we build a roof window in this room. Atlanta is an energy-efficient house, thus its maintenance will cost three times less in comparison to a standard house.




Total area:113.78 m2
1.1Entrance enclosure7.44 m2 1.11Platform6.52 m2
1.2Bathroom4.71 m2 1.12Terrace26.27 m2
1.3Room10.18 m2 1.13Platform3.00 m2
1.4Communication6.46 m2
1.5Kitchen12.16 m2
1.6Pantry1.73 m2
1.7Drawing room, dining room34.22 m2
1.8Room14.79 m2
1.9Boiler room4.48 m2
1.10Garage17.61 m2



Total area:50.27 m2
2.1Communication4.52 m2 2.9Loft7.02 m2
2.2Bathroom4.89 m2
2.3Stairs3.67 m2
2.4Dressing room4.21 m2
2.5Room11.46 m2
2.6Dressing room2.92 m2
2.7Room14.39 m2
2.8Dressing room4.21 m2


Plot Atlanta


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Elevations - Atlanta Elevations - Atlanta

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