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Type of a house:
With living area in the attic

Usable area:
Up to 120m2
Over 180m2

Energy-saving house


Dayton II


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252 240 £

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Dayton II - zdjęcie 1

Authors: dr inż. arch. Ludwika Juchniewicz-Lipińska, dr inż. arch. Miłosz Lipiński


Plan properties

Usable area:
+ Boiler room:
+ Garage:

204.96 m2
6.64 m2
33.58 m2


316.72 m2

Gross internal area:

203.75 m2

Minimum plot width:

26.70 m

Gross internal area:

22.10 m


1145.42 m3

Roof height:

8.63 m

Roof pitch:

40 °

Energy consumption:
kWh / (m2leto)

Ep = 57.24
Ek = 51.04
Ea = 19.45


A convenient house with living area in the attic and a double garage built into the body of a building. A sizeable drawing room with a decorative glazed exit to a terrace is situated on the ground floor; there is also a beautifully exposed place for a big table. An adaptable kitchen that will hold an island, a useful pantry, an additional room which can serve as a guest room and a bathroom prominently contribute to comfortable usage of common area. Clearly stated private zone in the attic houses three rooms for children and a parents' bedroom with a bathroom and a big dressing room adjoining to it. There are also a common bathroom with a passage to a drying room and an additional dressing room next to one of the smaller rooms.



Dayton II

Total area:149.04 m2
1.1Entrance enclosure6.18 m2 1.12Platform7.16 m2
1.2Dressing room2.44 m2 1.13Terrace31.30 m2
1.3Communication6.01 m2 1.14Platform4.32 m2
1.4Bathroom3.59 m2
1.5Pantry2.37 m2
1.6Kitchen21.83 m2
1.7Drawing room, dining room48.21 m2
1.8Communication5.33 m2
1.9Room12.86 m2
1.10Boiler room6.64 m2
1.11Garage33.58 m2


Dayton II

Total area:96.14 m2
2.1Communication7.25 m2 2.12Balcony2.70 m2
2.2Room13.92 m2 2.13Balcony2.70 m2
2.3Bathroom7.97 m2
2.4Utility room8.33 m2
2.5Room10.98 m2
2.6Room16.39 m2
2.7Room8.01 m2
2.8Dressing room3.61 m2
2.9Bathroom4.03 m2
2.10Dressing room11.35 m2
2.11Stairs4.30 m2


Plot Dayton II


Intersection - Dayton II


Elevations - Dayton II Elevations - Dayton II
Elevations - Dayton II Elevations - Dayton II

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