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Type of a house:
With living area in the attic

Usable area:
Up to 120m2
Over 180m2

Energy-saving house


Piraeus - Passive House 3





236 140 £

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Authors: dr inż. arch. Ludwika Juchniewicz-Lipińska, dr inż. arch. Miłosz Lipiński


Plan properties

Usable area:
+ Garage:

140.20 m2
32.83 m2


198.27 m2

Gross internal area:

163.07 m2

Minimum plot width:

23.60 m

Gross internal area:

31.80 m


915.9 m3

Roof height:

7.47 m

Roof pitch:

35 °

Energy consumption:
kWh / (m2leto)

Ep = 64.15
Ek = 21.38
Ea = 10.59


Inherent lightness of this house is associated not only with pleasing architecture but also ecological purity accomplished in passive house standard. Consequently, it supplies pure, enviromentally friendly and much cheaper warmth. The house is bright and capacious owing to vast glazing that opens the house to the surroundings, which allows adapting the function to inhabitants' changing needs.Two bedrooms in the attic make up an ideal place for children, offering them a private, acoustically isolated area. Parents' bedroom is situated on the ground floor, adjoining a big bathroom. Over time, when grown-up children leave the house, the attic can perfectly serve parents as a dressing room or an exercise room. An elderly person can reside on the ground floor room then. Space under the stairs is well fitted for a computer corner, comfortably parted from daytime area, and one can install a lift if needed. Passage from the house to the garage is totally roofed and the space above the garage may be usedas a room for hobby ヨ even very loud one. The plan satisfies requirements of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management as to NF15 standard, which was possible thanks to isolating all outer partitions, outstanding tightness and elimination of thermal bridging. In this case the economic standard was equally significant, in order to lower the cost of buliding as much as possible.



Piraeus - Passive House 3

Total area:121.62 m2
1.1Entrance enclosure5.41 m2
1.2Communication9.93 m2
1.3Utility room5.99 m2
1.4Kitchen11.44 m2
1.5Living room33.00 m2
1.6Room13.91 m2
1.7Bathroom9.11 m2
1.8Garage32.83 m2


Piraeus - Passive House 3

Total area:51.41 m2
2.1Stairs4.92 m2 2.8Loft11.29 m2
2.2Communication9.88 m2
2.3Bathroom7.25 m2
2.4Dressing room1.80 m2
2.5Room12.41 m2
2.6Room12.41 m2
2.7Dressing room2.74 m2


Plot Piraeus - Passive House 3


Intersection - Piraeus - Passive House 3


Elevations - Piraeus - Passive House 3 Elevations - Piraeus - Passive House 3
Elevations - Piraeus - Passive House 3 Elevations - Piraeus - Passive House 3

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